purush aayog

purush aayog
men welfare commission looks after the betterment of men, boys, husbands and old aged men left by their own sons and daughters and their spouses but the big question is about the validity of purush aayog in India as there are women welfare, children welfare commissions and also social development welfare commissions which do have protection officers to help provide shelter to any women or child being sufferer of domestic violence, but are men not covered under social welfare schemes, is a man not entitled to his welfare services by the government of India and what would be the fate of a man if his wife gives him slow poison. is there a law to protect men from harassment by his wife or by any other girl in India
similarly, if any girl hits her boyfriend on his head and boy suffers head injuries then this comes under physical assault and even sections of sexual assault may be added to it, but what is the vice versa happens. will the society give same punishment to the girl in question if she hits the boy. ok, this may comes under physical assault, but won't the girl allege that she did this in self defence as we have seen cases where the murderer woman has been let gone just because she told the court that she murderer her attacker in self defence. what would purush aayog do in such cases? do men need protection too? and where are the feminists now when a man or boy or an old father in law is assaulted or charged with false rape charge or sexual assault charge?
purush aayog is required as contended by the men rights protesters in India but these protests are not worth it as purush aayog will never be formed in India but men must learn about 
how to cancel FIR instead of joining or wasting your time seeking for purush aayog in India because the right to information act has given men the power to fight out false crpc 125 cases by filing rti to fight false maintenance case so that the boys do learn ways to fight and close false cases without signing vakalatnama before any advocate and contacting the men cell helpline number so that perjury, right to information act and crpc 91 production of documents or order XI rule 14 summons for production of documents may b e issued to the opposite party wife and her employers, telecom operators etc to catch her lies, only this way these false multifarious cases on men / husbands may be reduced and the NRI husbands' trauma of false cases and immigration issues will end in India.

like purush aayog helps men through expertise of atur chatur type 498a consultants in delhi. similarly, for the right to information act, one may contact rti consultant delhi to file RTI's back to back on several issues in order to catch the lies of the wife in a matrimonial dispute and based on these evidences file for arrest warrant against wife in the same court or same DV court where she has sought relief by filing false 498a or false DV case against her husband. similarly, man cell purush aayog helpline number may offer services to a husband in strengthening the case in court so that wife is roped in her own false allegations via perjury and defamation suits (evidence based suits) as compared to wild and bald allegations of the wife. 

even a judge of lower court or upper courts in punishable for trapping a man/ husband in false litigation but all this is never done to file defamation suit against the tormentor judge or metropolitan magistrate as purush aayog protesters never guide men about any such cases which can be filed against a judge in order to stop the judge from passing illegal order against the husband however aturchatur's purush aayog in delhi may suggest a husband to file rti to fight false maintenance case so that the road to compromise of false 498a gets smooth for the rti activists in delhi in such a manner that rather than these harassed men looking here and there for filing complaint against wife in man cell they start learning just very few tactics to frame the wife in her own allegations in such a manner that even the corrupt police investigating officer or the misleading or grafting based MM or JFC/PJ of lower court is unable to frame falkse charges against men / husbands in India which will end the legal extortion of even the NRI husbands in India so that these non resident Indian husbands live peacefully abroad without worrying about false cases in India and thereby closing false 498a and false DV and maintenance cases without any advocate and without going to India.

this is the need of the hour because if the NRI is forced or mislead by his lawyer to come to India then first and foremost the NRI is asked to apply for bail and the NRI husband wonders as to How long does it take to get anticipatory bail in india? but rather than the time, what is more important is the fact that the bail and quash are futile exercises and these two almost always backfire on the husband or the non resident Indian husband as conditions will be imposed on such husband or NRI and even his passport may be impounded and travel restrictions may be imposed on him which will eventually eat away his career and his future chances of success and this entire game plan is what is called as legal extortion by atur chatur from purush aayog in delhi because they counsel a client about How to write a WS ? because written statement is required to submitted and this is also known as the reply in common parlance and the lawyer or even the top lawyer firm of India may not be that sound to write a counter attack WS as may be written by team purush aayog as they are not just sufferers of false 498a and other cases but they have themselves been the winners in their respective arena's by filing arrest warrant against wife in the DV court which court in itself is named as mahila court and the act in itself is known as the protection of women from DV Act and it's women here and not men, but if the purush aayog have themselves been successful in filing arrrest warrant against their wife, resulting in closing their own DV cases then how ell they can guide the men / husbands and NRI's in India learn ways to come out of this mess of false cases filed by wife or any other girl/lady therefore instead of allowing the court to declare the NRI as a proclaimed offender it would be better if the court is told by the NRI (without coming to India and without any advocate) that proclaimed offender can not be issued in matrimonial disputes and such type of guidance can only be provided by purush aayog team in delhi as they study the cases as all cases are different from each other and then they guide the men, boys and NRI husbands the ways to settlement of false 498a without physically reaching any purush aayog in delhi and without worrying about the immigration, deportation or extradition issues in India because the purush aayog address in delhi then guides man to learn ways to close false 498a by NRI without keeping any lawyer and without even by giving any power of attorney to any relative in India, and in such cases a rti consultant is the best guy to help these men rather than filing complaint against wife in man cell in delhi because in almost every state there may be found a purush aayog by atur chatur for instance in the state of rajasthan, one may find men cell in rajasthan and these men commissions are not as strong as the national commission for men in India but are certainly very much stronger when it comes to enforcement of the rights of men in India and this initiative by 498a consultants in delhi protects the husband and his relatives from false dowry cases by wife in such a manner that the wife is herself charged with counter cases on lines of defensive offense so that these boys or purush seeking purush helpline may visit the men cell maharashtra for those living in mumbai or maharashtra and like wise even in delhi there may be found a purush aayog working day and night for men like man cell delhi and similarly, every state almost has a purush helpline helpling men in distress and also men sufferers of domestic violence by their female relative in India like in the newly incoporated state of telangana in andhra pradesh one may find man cell in telangana which essentially guides the men in believing that even central information commission has to follow the rules of CIC otherwise a purush may file rti non compliance cic for enforcement of his case before CIC in delhi so that the men are not constantly harassed and frustrated and discriminated by these type of government machineris and here comes the big role of purush aayog helpline num,ber in delhi for which even petitions were started around 5-6 years back on change.org type world renowned websites at पेटीशन · atur chatur: man cell delhi so that the NRI husbands especially learn the tactice about how to quash summons against NRI and his relatives so that he is spared from this extortion racket which is almost becoming organized in entire India with passage of each day therefore like residents of mumbai or navi mumbai who are seeking address of purush aayog in mumbai maharashtra may visit man cell in mumbai thereby learning false 498a FIR cancellation tactics by filing perjury against the wife which helps them from not getting arrested or deported back to India and once a NRI husband gets the protection from arbitrary arrest he understands that nothing will happen to him and he will be able to close false cases without visiting India just by contacting purush aayog like delhi men cell and hence the law enforcement agencies should now get ready to correct the jails for women in India as men are getting empowered by knowledge supplied by atur chatur's purush aayog and do they really now need any ministry of men or national commission for men? NO is the answer. because now the PIP movement alongwith arrest warrant against wife movement should help close false cases against men, husbands and NRI's thereby putting legal and technical pressure on the courts to write judgments pushing such women behind the bars in India.